Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is the media being a bit biased towards China?

First of all I just want to make a correction on my last blog posting- UWM does get the U-Pass, I was misinformed by someone who was obviously misinformed!
But anyway.

Every time I turn to CNN or log on to different news sources, I feel like I am hearing about some new scandal going on in Beijing. And yes, I understand the U.S. is quite bitter about the Summer Olympics being held in a nation whose policies we do not agree with- and no, I am not saying I do agree with them. But isn't the media doing some over-reporting on this one? 

Just yesterday, people were "boiling over" in regards to a nine-year-old Chinese girl who apparently lip synched the anthem, because the girl singing did not have the stage presence necessary. They are calling her the Milli Vanilli of China. People are saying we cannot trust China because of this. Maybe we can't trust China- but because of this? That is just absurd.

Then there was the killing of Todd Bachman, an American tourist killed at a popular tourist site in Beijing by an assailant who afterwards jumped to his death. Obviously this man was a lunatic, but is the media possibly trying to portray him as a representation of all of China, and their hostile feelings towards us? Is it a tragedy? Yes, of course it is. But we are purposely trying to taint China's reputation by the way we report these incidents. 

CNN also included an article on The Daily Show's Rob Riggle, who traveled to China and felt the atmosphere was intimidating at times. Guess I'd have to go there to really find out, but I won't be able to do that. Here's the next best thing from The Daily Show. 

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