Monday, August 25, 2008

The Olympics are over, but it was quite a show!

Well we were mesmerized by record breakers Michael Phelps and Usaine Bolt (am I the only one who can't get over how great his name is?), and we have heard about the controversies. Will we ever find out if China's gymnasts are really of age? Should Kobe Bryant have been allowed to help us win the gold in basketball? The list goes on and on, but I just wanted to post a link that I found very interesting on Digg, and yes, again it has to do with Jon Stewart (contrary to what you may think from my last entry, I do think he's brilliant).

Here are the top 8 Best Daily Show Olympic moments. (My favorite is the Anti-Olympic update)

Friday, August 15, 2008

C'mon Jon

Ok so I forgot to mention yesterday that the very day I posted about the American media's perspective of China, Jon Stewart had a "Special Olympics" episode (yes, there's a joke in there somewhere). 
I usually think Jon Stewart is very funny and has some great wisecracks. But it got too be a little much when Jon started talking about China's woman gymnastics team and the age controversy. 

Image Hosted by

Yes, these women look young. And maybe it is possible that they are not 16, which is the age you need to be eligible to 
participate in the Olympics. But the next comment by Stewart was unnecessary to say the least:

"We have to take these young girls out of this sweatshop type gymnast life and put them where they belong. Real sweatshops!
But don't worry- it will still be gymnastics related, they'll be making gym shoes for our American kids to wear."

Ouch. Now I don't agree with China's politics or government in any way, but I do feel bad for the crap they are taking.
At least Jon was decent enough to follow the statement up with "But American kids will just quit gymnastics because it's

Yikes. What's a world without stereotypes though, right?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rap isn't such crap with a message like this

Usually I am not a huge fan of rap, mainly because I prefer the lyrics and message of other types of music.
But this one caught my and the nation's attention...'Handlebars' by Flobots is the story of two young friends
who part ways. One goes the corporate route (The 'C' stands for corporate greed and power), and eventually 
becomes a dictator obsessed with power (they compare him to Hitler, and some say Bush in a more subtle
way). The other goes the way of the dove, or peace and lives a humble life. He tries to overcome his old 
friend and what he has done- but in the end, finds that it is a lost cause. Talk about reality.

Check it out.

Is the media being a bit biased towards China?

First of all I just want to make a correction on my last blog posting- UWM does get the U-Pass, I was misinformed by someone who was obviously misinformed!
But anyway.

Every time I turn to CNN or log on to different news sources, I feel like I am hearing about some new scandal going on in Beijing. And yes, I understand the U.S. is quite bitter about the Summer Olympics being held in a nation whose policies we do not agree with- and no, I am not saying I do agree with them. But isn't the media doing some over-reporting on this one? 

Just yesterday, people were "boiling over" in regards to a nine-year-old Chinese girl who apparently lip synched the anthem, because the girl singing did not have the stage presence necessary. They are calling her the Milli Vanilli of China. People are saying we cannot trust China because of this. Maybe we can't trust China- but because of this? That is just absurd.

Then there was the killing of Todd Bachman, an American tourist killed at a popular tourist site in Beijing by an assailant who afterwards jumped to his death. Obviously this man was a lunatic, but is the media possibly trying to portray him as a representation of all of China, and their hostile feelings towards us? Is it a tragedy? Yes, of course it is. But we are purposely trying to taint China's reputation by the way we report these incidents. 

CNN also included an article on The Daily Show's Rob Riggle, who traveled to China and felt the atmosphere was intimidating at times. Guess I'd have to go there to really find out, but I won't be able to do that. Here's the next best thing from The Daily Show. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Desert Oil

So today I looked at my tuition bill and something that has been pissing most of the nation off for a few months now has become even more real to me. It becomes clear that the world revolves around GAS not money like we all previously believed. I am positive that part of the incredible increase in my tuition bill has to do with the heating and cooling of those huge buildings on campus. Also, apparently UW-Milwaukee is no longer offering the bus pass students once received. I wonder why! And I'm pretty sure my energy bill might force me to live in an igloo this winter. Those, and the fact that I am not able to visit my mom because of ludicrous airline prices, are personal reasons this oil crisis has me down. But that's just me being self-involved.

The war. I think we all know by now that this is not a war on terrorism (but it makes soldiers feel better if they think they are shooting the actual people responsible for 9/11)- this is a war geared at the world's cheapest oil and where it happens to exist. Obviously there are a million things I could say about the war right now- but let's just put it this way: if kharma exists, America is Screwed! But is it our fault for being blinded to what is really going on- I mean can you honestly answer this: Are we winning?

I'd say losing 4,000 men in Iraq (let's not forget the 100,000 that were wounded) and the highest gas prices we've seen in this nation is LOSING. Oh, but gas has gone down 15 cents! We must be winning now! In all seriousness, we have no clue what's going on over there. But I will say this: the people I do know who are in or have been in Iraq would rather eat dirt than talk about what goes on over there.

Out of Hibernation

Well, it's been one heck of a summer. And unfortunately, I did not keep up on my blog. But it is time to come out of blog hibernation and get this thing going! School is right around the corner and soon life is about to get busy, busy, busy. My last year...and I'm not going to lie, I'm gonna miss it! So here's to making the most of what I do. 

I guess this entry will be about wrapping up my summer in Wisconsin, really nothing to do with the usual viewpoints on current events. 

My summer (not necessarily in order of awesomeness):
  • Summerfest, where I rediscovered my love for Reggae at three very impressive outdoor concerts: Matisayuh (best rabbi rapper I've ever heard!), The Wailers (5 stars), and Slightly Stoopid (they were a little messed up, but still fun). Also was lucky enough to see fav. performers John Mayer and Colbie Callait at the Marcus. 
  • Camping and tubing at the Wolf River in New London, Wisconsin- need I say more?
  • Work, work, work
  • The Dells- Stayed at the Kalahari and tried out Noah's Arks' newest attraction Time Warp and wasn't so impressed- Black Anaconda is still the best
  • Country USA- Good performers, bad weather, crazy people
  • Began my collection of short stories (stay tuned for details)
  • Saw my old friends visiting from Iraq (and silently cursed George Bush at the same time. Well OK, maybe it wasn't so silent)
There's more, but like I said that will be for another time, another entry. Maybe later today ;)