Friday, August 15, 2008

C'mon Jon

Ok so I forgot to mention yesterday that the very day I posted about the American media's perspective of China, Jon Stewart had a "Special Olympics" episode (yes, there's a joke in there somewhere). 
I usually think Jon Stewart is very funny and has some great wisecracks. But it got too be a little much when Jon started talking about China's woman gymnastics team and the age controversy. 

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Yes, these women look young. And maybe it is possible that they are not 16, which is the age you need to be eligible to 
participate in the Olympics. But the next comment by Stewart was unnecessary to say the least:

"We have to take these young girls out of this sweatshop type gymnast life and put them where they belong. Real sweatshops!
But don't worry- it will still be gymnastics related, they'll be making gym shoes for our American kids to wear."

Ouch. Now I don't agree with China's politics or government in any way, but I do feel bad for the crap they are taking.
At least Jon was decent enough to follow the statement up with "But American kids will just quit gymnastics because it's

Yikes. What's a world without stereotypes though, right?

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