Sunday, April 27, 2008

Texas Polygamist Sect Update

I just wanted to mention that since writing about the raid of the Texas Polygamist ranch it is said that this is the largest child custody case in history. 460 children were taken from their mothers and administered DNA tests. It will be a very long process to finally decide what will happen with the children.

My question is: are the mothers really to blame? Isn't this a case of some extreme brainwashing tactics by jailed prophet Warren Jeffs? He must've been really good if they are still following his word when he is behind bars. And what about the women who are glad to be rescued from this life? 

Pregnant teenagers were discovered on the ranch as well as teens who already mothered children.

These children are being taken from everything they know and should at least have their mothers back- hopefully with social services supervising and giving some good counseling. I really hope the court makes the right decision, but it's definitely going to be a tough one. 

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