Monday, April 14, 2008

The crime that everyone gets away with

So I live in Milwaukee. And there is crime here just like there is in any other major city. Shootings, attacks, mugging, vandalism, theft. I want to talk about theft.

After living in this city for three years, it just feels like cops around here are just about useless! Now I know this is a strong opinion to just blurt out there like that, but I can't help but feel this way after what I have personally been through and what I've seen others go through.

Theft. It's the crime that almost everyone gets away with in Milwaukee. The fact of the matter is that the cops can't catch them, and that is because they don't even try. Tons of houses get broken into on campus every year by some punk who thinks they deserve to own the stuff that other people worked for. But the theft that is by now quite obviously an organized crime is the theft of car stereos.

Just a few days ago, my car window was smashed for the second time and a second stereo was taken (the face was even removed from the stereo, but let me tell you now: THAT IS NOT ENOUGH). I also know many, many people that has happened to in Milwaukee, and the sad fact is that the people that have replaced my car window (twice now) say they see dozens and dozens of this exact same thing EVERY DAY.

It could be the people who don't call in and report where the theft is going on- but I know for a fact where I've gotten robbed is a target spot. The lot is littered with glass. Would it not be worth tax payers' time to catch the people that are involved in this obviously organized crime? We are talking about 400 dollars worth of damage so they can make a quick 30 bucks a pop...these people are obviously no strangers to crime or to putting aside any remnants of a conscience.

Meanwhile cops are wasting all their time bothering the college students- the ones who actually have a conscience- about things like noise violations, having one too many people living in a house, and underage drinking. Did you know, officer, that right now you could be working on something that benefits the community? But it seems they are working for the paycheck and not the city- however they can give the most tickets is what they are going to do.

Almost all college students in this city are no stranger to getting robbed, mugged, or conned. I hear stories all the time. Last year, my purse was stolen and my credit card was used. It would be easy to catch these people via the store's security camera but all this city does is tell you to fill out a police report. Shame.

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