Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God invented medicine for a reason!

It seems that the Polygamists are not the only religious group who are facing legal issues related to their faith.
By now most have heard about the shocking and preventable death of 11-year-old Madeline Neumann in Weston, Wisconsin. Madeline's health had been deteriorating rapidly for almost a month due to Type 1 Diabetes, although her parents did not know this because they refused to take her in to see a doctor. She stopped breathing on their couch after being in a coma for several days.
The Neumanns never considered taking Madeline in because they believe that illness is a test of faith and a spiritual attack that must be healed through prayer. This is a belief shared by Christian Scientists, although the Neumanns were not part of an organized faith and practiced these beliefs in solitude.

Weston community coverage
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Here are my problems with the Neumann's actions, and why I believe they should be charged and given some time in their daughter's death:
  • If religion covered human sacrifice, would we have to say that that is OK? There is a line where religious freedoms are involved, especially when it involves making these decisions for underage children (likewise for the polygamy case)
  • The Neumanns watched their daughter's health worsen with prayer, but still believed it would work- even after she was dead
  • God invented medicine for a reason! If he really thought it was the girl's time (which is what they believe if a death does occur), she would have been taken in some other way.
  • If these people don't believe in medical practice or drugs why on EARTH does their business involve selling a mind-altering substance (caffeine, they run a coffee shop). Does anyone else think this seems a bit hypocritical?
  • Everyone has sinned against their religion before- why could the Neumanns not choose this crucial time to do so? Ignorance of her diabetes is NOT an excuse, because it is their fault they didn't know.

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